The Mirror


Our senses, and our relative point of view, deceive us continuously and make us equivocate things . As human beings, we are endowed with a material body made of flesh and organs, which binds us to unavoidable points of reference. We are completely surrounded from this condition that limits our dimensions, and we are obliged to adapt our life experience at this particular side of reality.
To go further we have to overcome these physical limitations. It takes huge imagination to think about this possibility and about the consequence, as it means for us to lose our comfortable habit. We are obliged to use our creative thinking because we find ourselves in an unknown environment.
It is normal for us to assume that matter is the basis of existence and that matter is the only thing that really counts. Since when we start our journey in human life, is the first thing that we take it for granted.
The man since dawn of history tried to animate matter, giving it souls to things, with purpose to make it come alive and meaningful, Energy has always been considered as a result of matter’s actions.
Men’s thinking’s is always originated from matter, and from this fixed point they are trying to make sense of all the rest.
The paradigm shift is to reverse the order of things. We have to think that matter is a result of something that is upstream, a reflection, almost a waste material from world of energy and spirit. It is like if we were looking in a mirror our own image reflected and we were convinced that the real us was the mirror image. The truth is that if there is no subject that putting himself in front of the mirror, the mirror will remain empty, and this is what happens also to matter. Without the breath of spirit that is projecting him in the mirror … there’s nothing…
Imagine that you are comfortably sat to watch a movie. The movie is so beautiful, vivid and realistic that you identify yourselves in what is going on the screen. You are so much mesmerized to forget who you are and you no longer think about yourselves. You become untied with what is happening on the screen. And when our hero suffer we suffer with him and when he enjoy we you enjoy with him. There’s nothing else that count, the only reality is your screen. At this point you cannot longer think that it is just a movie because you are part of that, and it makes you ill … and it makes you well…. It’s not just a fantasy, it is your reality.

An external observer that will look at the scene will see you as a puppet entranced, staring into the nothing, suffering and enjoying for the change of colored light.
Our reality, so concrete, is only the projection of an external will. Matter does not have spirit in himself; matter is the projection of the spirit, in its lower transposition.
Human consciousness is so much involved in the material reality that she fall in love with it.
The human being become prisoner of this infatuation and he is finding himself “forced” to play his game. Depending on his abilities and experience, he will try to control the game or he will undergoes the game, he will act or he will suffer, but most important he will continue trying to differentiate him selves and finding a reason for his existence.
The real games, however are at a higher level; humans are the only passives subject that undergo the conditioning of this reality. They undergo the consequences and effects of will casted at a different spiritual level. In this situation, the right “free will” is a chimera. The real “free will” is performed when we decide not longer playing the games than others had decide for us, when embrace the warrior philosophy, when we stop judging and let us judge, when we remove the tentacles that hang us and confuse us, when we become stainless warriors .
If we consider matter as the effect and not the cause, we will see us and our world in a different way. We consider ourselves, our conscience, as the result of a thought generated by our physical brain, and we confuse the idea of ourselves, with our physical means. Our true essence is rather the expression of an external will, a spirit that is related with our physical body only empathically. On the other hand the connection is sealed from physical pain and pleasurable sensations that connect the experience felt with our physical body. Our real essence is staring at the finger of our physical world and does not sees the moon in its grandeur.
Even if we know those information, nothing changes for us in our life. We are and remain inseparably connected with our physical body, we are responsible and we must continue to look after it carefully, while we look for our path of inner search. Our goal must be to stop staring at the mirror image, and finally “rolling over” to see who is truly the being reflecting himself.
We must be aware that expanding our horizons, we will change our evaluation and importance of things.
For example, some events, that for us, little ants, can looks like a terrible disaster as it causes suffering for millions of people, or what may seems like a wonderful realization that bring social benefits and wellness to millions of individuals, at the end, can be see only a game for other spiritual levels. Suffering and joy are part of an unknowing purpose that we could not understand nor share, from our limited point of view.
What seems right and what seems wrong at human point of view, have instead much higher goals, and are the expression of creativity, the maintenance of diversification and the fight against the balance that tends to leveling and cancel diversity.
the good can not exist without evil, and evil can not exist without good. Both are two sides of the same coin, and to continue the creation opera, and to escape from nothing, we need light, and light to exist needs darkness.
Our quest for freedom that brings us to know our true self, can be found following different ways, and in fact they have all equal dignity because they all serve the purpose of keeping the creative spirit alive.
I think as Don Juan that for me the only path that I can follow  is the one “with heart”


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