Third force and electricity

By Guglielmo Menegatti

They say that there is no smoke without fire and also that many clues and coincidence make a sure thing; this is what shall inspire us in reading  this article.

There are many reasons that push us to believe that in ancient times   humanity owned technical and scientific  information  that  have  only been re-discovered  or recovered recently.

For example we know about the rescue of “Bagdad battery”:


And we have seen all over  pictures about  Dendera lamps :


In our previous work  we have explored  the possible connection between ancient alchemists and their  aknowledege  on eletctricity and  way of producing and  using it (

Wwe have reach the conclusion that some illustrations from an alchemic book of 1400, are actually allegorical representations of electrical circuits. But what is even more interesting Is that those circuits have been projected by taking advantage of different principles,  other then those  explained in our current physical books. Even the book’s title “book of the Holy Trinity” is an hint that is confirming our conclusion.

Our interpretative work is based on  an extensive research,  regard an effect  almost unknown and unstudied  by classical physics, which we call the Third Force.  The Third Force is known since  ancient time   and it is an element that has always  been a matter of great importance; it can be found described by all the main world’s religions. The symbol used by religions is the triangle and his name is Trinity.


In general, according the philosophy expressed  by  many different and most common dogmas, you can say that the union of two opposites generates a third element  that compose the triad and therefore perfection

this third element is also the operating and intermediary  element through which and from which it is possible to realize and materialize the God’s desires.

Our interpretation derived from a larger work, which led us to some conclusions  partially described in the website

To understand what we mean and how the third force works, we have to consider that in a closed system, to every action there is always  a correspondent  equal and opposite re-action.  In our closed system “Universe” there is a manifestation of the  purpose to maintaining the status quo, which means that for every action there is a counter-balancing force from Universe itself, which attempts to restore the original situation.

Electricity is one of the many forms in which  this re-balancing force (of the universe)  is manifesting. In other words, electricity does  not exist in his own, but there are always and only two original forces, the one that we cause and consequently the response from the universe ( which is interpreted as electrical current);  this response can appear in different forms, but in essence is still the same (gravity, energy sound etc)

For an analogy  you shall think about the concept of voltage and current and its functional process. In fact in a circuit before there is established  a voltage, and then with a delay in time, which is depending from the type of circuit, there is the generation of a current flow which  is also the cause that produces the work.

In an electric circuit, we usually associate wrongly , the idea  that  the movement of a current and the  conductor that is part of the circuit  are  two  inseparable things. In reality the conductor, despite  having positive properties, it is not part of the circuit, but it is just a vehicle that permit to concentrate energy in a given space.

The lack of a full understanding of how  electricity is working  has  led us, up-to-now,  to  produce not efficient systems. In our circuits, we first create a potential difference and then we destroy it by closing circuit  through a conductor.  In reality when you create a potential it is not absolutely necessary to close the circuit to obtain work. What you shall do instead is  to create a disturbance, for which it is possible to predict the rebalancing behavior of the universe , and to channel the  outcoming energy value in a favorable way.

The third force is generated  in  special symmetric configurations, and it is pretty much a “surplus” of balancing force of the universe.

To understand Third  Force  mechanism and the energy that this made available we need to get used to separate the two basic forces played in whatsoever symmetrical system.

As we said any action  create always a disturbance in the Universe, which try to oppose it  and return the system  to its previous state.  When two elements are  equal, the universe try  to control them generating for each element a single opposition force, but in many case it adds an other force which has the purpose of controlling also  the two forces generated by the same universe. When this force is present,  and one element is perturbed, you will obtain an identical  perturbation even in the other  connected element. The two events, however,  are not contemporary , in fact before there is a  disturbance act, and then with a delay there is the universe re-action of re-balancing,

The third force, in a certain way, can be considered as a cheating  to the Universe, but  of the many possible  way, it is the more natural and it does not need  additional devices or components to be generated. It exploits the inability of the universe to control two identical  elements, acting  one next to the other.

In the scientific aknowledge this element it has not been taken into account and therefore it is not properly used, but you can find many ancient representations from which it is possible to deduce that this type of circuit  was used in the past.

Here below  pictures from websie

Here we can find many pictures from second millenium BC where  we can see  something that  looks like a system of production and use  of electricity based on two elements that generated a third



One particular  device in the above picture can be  compared to other well known devices



An other hint that is confirming the ancient aknowledge in electric filed it the representation of  “Nataraja”:


In this device we can see an electric motor with  brush (hand with flame) that operates at high voltage (electrostatic), as we infer from the flames around the circle.

In the following movie we can see an interpretation of rotation:

in this movie the outocoming due to  some bad interpretation due to the lackness of information

Here below some examples of  electrostatic motors applications not suitable for industrial application, but  simply for the purpose   of illustrating what I mean:

Project Nataraja is much more elaborate then is visible in the four movies showed above , in fact it has multiples devices on the circumference that shall be studied longer


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