Third force and electricity

By Guglielmo Menegatti

They say that there is no smoke without fire and also that many clues and coincidence make a sure thing; this is what shall inspire us in reading  this article.

There are many reasons that push us to believe that in ancient times   humanity owned technical and scientific  information  that  have  only been re-discovered  or recovered recently.

For example we know about the rescue of “Bagdad battery”:


And we have seen all over  pictures about  Dendera lamps :


In our previous work  we have explored  the possible connection between ancient alchemists and their  aknowledege  on eletctricity and  way of producing and  using it (

Wwe have reach the conclusion that some illustrations from an alchemic book of 1400, are actually allegorical representations of electrical circuits. But what is even more interesting Is that those circuits have been projected by taking advantage of different principles,  other then those  explained in our current physical books. Even the book’s title “book of the Holy Trinity” is an hint that is confirming our conclusion.

Our interpretative work is based on  an extensive research,  regard an effect  almost unknown and unstudied  by classical physics, which we call the Third Force.  The Third Force is known since  ancient time   and it is an element that has always  been a matter of great importance; it can be found described by all the main world’s religions. The symbol used by religions is the triangle and his name is Trinity.


In general, according the philosophy expressed  by  many different and most common dogmas, you can say that the union of two opposites generates a third element  that compose the triad and therefore perfection

this third element is also the operating and intermediary  element through which and from which it is possible to realize and materialize the God’s desires.

Our interpretation derived from a larger work, which led us to some conclusions  partially described in the website

To understand what we mean and how the third force works, we have to consider that in a closed system, to every action there is always  a correspondent  equal and opposite re-action.  In our closed system “Universe” there is a manifestation of the  purpose to maintaining the status quo, which means that for every action there is a counter-balancing force from Universe itself, which attempts to restore the original situation.

Electricity is one of the many forms in which  this re-balancing force (of the universe)  is manifesting. In other words, electricity does  not exist in his own, but there are always and only two original forces, the one that we cause and consequently the response from the universe ( which is interpreted as electrical current);  this response can appear in different forms, but in essence is still the same (gravity, energy sound etc)

For an analogy  you shall think about the concept of voltage and current and its functional process. In fact in a circuit before there is established  a voltage, and then with a delay in time, which is depending from the type of circuit, there is the generation of a current flow which  is also the cause that produces the work.

In an electric circuit, we usually associate wrongly , the idea  that  the movement of a current and the  conductor that is part of the circuit  are  two  inseparable things. In reality the conductor, despite  having positive properties, it is not part of the circuit, but it is just a vehicle that permit to concentrate energy in a given space.

The lack of a full understanding of how  electricity is working  has  led us, up-to-now,  to  produce not efficient systems. In our circuits, we first create a potential difference and then we destroy it by closing circuit  through a conductor.  In reality when you create a potential it is not absolutely necessary to close the circuit to obtain work. What you shall do instead is  to create a disturbance, for which it is possible to predict the rebalancing behavior of the universe , and to channel the  outcoming energy value in a favorable way.

The third force is generated  in  special symmetric configurations, and it is pretty much a “surplus” of balancing force of the universe.

To understand Third  Force  mechanism and the energy that this made available we need to get used to separate the two basic forces played in whatsoever symmetrical system.

As we said any action  create always a disturbance in the Universe, which try to oppose it  and return the system  to its previous state.  When two elements are  equal, the universe try  to control them generating for each element a single opposition force, but in many case it adds an other force which has the purpose of controlling also  the two forces generated by the same universe. When this force is present,  and one element is perturbed, you will obtain an identical  perturbation even in the other  connected element. The two events, however,  are not contemporary , in fact before there is a  disturbance act, and then with a delay there is the universe re-action of re-balancing,

The third force, in a certain way, can be considered as a cheating  to the Universe, but  of the many possible  way, it is the more natural and it does not need  additional devices or components to be generated. It exploits the inability of the universe to control two identical  elements, acting  one next to the other.

In the scientific aknowledge this element it has not been taken into account and therefore it is not properly used, but you can find many ancient representations from which it is possible to deduce that this type of circuit  was used in the past.

Here below  pictures from websie

Here we can find many pictures from second millenium BC where  we can see  something that  looks like a system of production and use  of electricity based on two elements that generated a third



One particular  device in the above picture can be  compared to other well known devices



An other hint that is confirming the ancient aknowledge in electric filed it the representation of  “Nataraja”:


In this device we can see an electric motor with  brush (hand with flame) that operates at high voltage (electrostatic), as we infer from the flames around the circle.

In the following movie we can see an interpretation of rotation:

in this movie the outocoming due to  some bad interpretation due to the lackness of information

Here below some examples of  electrostatic motors applications not suitable for industrial application, but  simply for the purpose   of illustrating what I mean:

Project Nataraja is much more elaborate then is visible in the four movies showed above , in fact it has multiples devices on the circumference that shall be studied longer


By Guglielmo Menegatti

English Version from:


I personally think that Aesop’s fables, besides being an ethical and moral educational teaching, (albeit in a careful concealed way) are a means of preserving and transmit information and knowledge that comes from an unknown origin, probably from a pre-human civilization.

Aesop  was a fabulist that lived in ancient Greece, 600 years before Christ; to understand how Aesop was keep in consideration  from wise men of that time we will cite here following a  quote of  Dante’s  Convivio IV XXX (book 4 chapter 30) :

Here it should be noted that, as our Lord has said,

one should do not cast pearls before swine,

for it does them no good and brings harm to the pearls

With those words Dante (that is also known as one of the biggest Initiated of that time) warns us about sacredness of Aesop’s fables; he warning not to reveal the hiding true meaning , because as Jesus Says, “one should do not cast pearls before swine” then he specifies and emphasizes that both who discloses and who receive (when the receiver is a swine) will be harmful.
Then Dante continues:

“..And as the poet Aesop says in his first fable,

a grain is worth more than a pearl to a cock, and he therefore leaves the one and takes the other

The statement warns that anyone, that by his own nature, is not ready to receive a teaching, rather than appreciate the pleasure of knowing, he will use the information for his own interest, for  evil purpose.

In other world, evil people are more attracted by trivial and external aspect of things (pearl  or  daisy   intended  as  precious thingss) rather then their inner and real value (cock leaves  the ” wheat” grain, a good food  and prefe to feed  himself with  pearls that have no nutrients )

In the further paragraph, in a synthetic and extremely beautiful way, Dante is recommending us to read these stories carefully, because only in this way it will be possible to find,first the room and then the noble woman who lives there (woman here means Philosophy or science):

”Considering this, as a precaution I direct my canzone to reveal its purpose where this lady, namely Philosophy, is to be found. This most noble lady (philosophy) shall then be found

when her dwelling-place is found, that is, the soul in which she dwells”.

One of the most famous Aesop’s tale is certainly “The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs “which in summary, tells about a farmer who is not happy to receive a golden egg for each day, so he decided to open the chicken belly to extract with a single operation all the valuable content.
But the improvised surgeon managed only to kill the goose, which (poor thing) didn’t hide anything in his bowels.
You dont need to be an analyst or a psychologist to understand that this story has not pure entertaining  purpose; at the same time it is too abstract to teach ethics because it is illogical and inconsistent. In fact to be honest, (I invite you to read the original) I cannot even consider it a fairy tale because it doesn’t makes you dream about it, as it does not have reference to the daily reality and it is not teaching education.
Without going too deep into the story’s anomalies, with the risk to lose the aim of this document, I would like to emphasize that if the lucky farmer was not happy there must be a reason.
The farmer at each brood (daily) obtained a golden egg which means that he received daily at least 200 grams in gold, a value that is able to satisfy any greedy desire; Beside this, even without taking in consideration the known prudence and wisdom of peasants (who ponder before acting), I do not believe that someone could have killed or hurt a so gorgeous bird.
However if the egg was not completely gold, but only the shell was gold, then the plot of the story and the reaction of the farmer was taking logic sense and justification. In fact the only shell in gold weighs few grams.
The golden eggs are not only found in Aesop’s fable, but also in many legends of every country.
Hindus say that all God power is contained in a golden egg; Finns believe that all the Creation sun,Stars etcc were generated from a golden egg, a similar myth is said by Buddhists and also the idea that birds, and in particular doves witch very often  represent  the arrival of abundance or a radical change and…   it is possible to go on.

Tesla (1856-1943) was a scientist and his invention has greatly improved the quality of our lives.
The greatest inventions of this real genius, while being enormously useful and used, were not able to give Tesla the deserved rewards, because Tesla died poor spending last year’s o his life abandoned in solitude in a New York hotel.
Various Tesla biographies, regardless of who wrote them, looks virtually identical and; they look amazingly similar even in exposition style.
Those biographies are so inconsistent and unbelievable that they look like they are part of a premeditate plot; actually they are so false and contradictory that with a little bit of attention it is easy to detect lies from real facts.
I wish to say that the real facts are certainly the ones that in the biographies seem unusual, eccentric or fanciful.
Without going too much in dept, and to remain in the aim of this little works, I wish to extrapolate from the biographies a passage which refer to the last period of Tesla life. Here following the text:
Tesla, neglected by everybody, he was leaving with the only support of a small pension granted from Yugoslav Kingdom in a New York hotel. His favorite pastime was to look after pigeons. For his pigeons he had built a shelter and next to it a place of care, and he was giving full attention to their diet, in fact he prepared  and feeded the birds with a special recipe of his invention
It is also tells about a great friendship between Tesla and a special pigeon; this friendship was so great that when the beloved pigeon died, from the bird small eyes, arose an intense bright light.
No need for deep investigation to realize that Tesla poverty was quite unusual.
Our poor man in fact was living in “New Yorker” hotel and here is the picture of the hotel:


Obviously Tesla was not staying in a regular room but in a “suite” so, in my modest opinion of course, Tesla knew how to integrate his modest pension.
Among Tesla’s manias, it looks that there was a fixation for number”3” and its multiples.
This number  (three) does not looks like it is connected with  matematic or cabalistic reference, but most probably it is referred somhow  to an alchemic memory , where number nine is rapresenting  walnut tree, while number three is  its fruits that is  also the trinity symbol.

This symbol or number three in particular is referred to the femminine flower of this three, that often blossom in couple of two by two , where the shape somehow remind about number three.

The shape of the gem is somehow reminiscent of the number three.


I point out two additional information about this very common tree very peculiar:
1) It has the property of being self- fertile in fact the same tree is producing at the same time flowers female and male.
2) Many God’s and Jesus representation and also about various deities around the world are drawn inside an oval (a side or a quarter)  that looks like the picture of a  nutshell;  the oval shape can be indentify with a  nutshell for thickness and  wrinkle  aspect that are not typical of eggs.  What makes us lean towards the walnut idea, is the shape that is frequently quite pointy both at the base and at the top, the thickness used for the profile in the picture that is too thick in proportion to represent an egg shell, and from the opening that separate left side from right side that is used to separate two sides. An egg cannot be separate sharply in two sides or in quarter as some myth says and how it is shown in several sacred pictures.

click on following pictures  to enlarge





In this picture it is possible to notice the particular layout of the angel’s cloaks on the board at the right side of the egg.



It is possible to connect this oval picture enclosing Gods and Saints to the very old concept of Cosmic Egg , but some clues are giving more consistence to the walnut idea, than the egg one; or at least, it give the idea of a certain connection between the two symbols , like in a way, the two concept are mutually or sequential interchangeable

The today legacy with the past are everywhere, on frames, mirrors, portraits, paintings all very well framed by a rich and well-carved oval.
What can be so peculiar about nut tree and his flowers to arise all this attention? What role might it have?
I guess two following  hypotheses,  cinder  resulting from  flower or  nut shell of walnut tree  can be :

1)  an element that shall be add to burning in the alchemical furnace or

2) It can be a powder that shall be add to some cooking recipe to achieve some unusual effect.

Before going on we need to clarify a very important Physics concept that we will use here following: “transmutation”.
Transmutation is a natural or artificial process through which it is possible to transform an element in another one. For example uranium can transmute into lead, and this reaction is applicable to almost all the elements that constitute up matter.

The transmutation concept was used by alchemists before being used commonly in physics. Fort alchemists transmutation is a process by which from a basic poor substance   through various chemical reaction and refining it is possible obtaining gold (means as metal) and spiritual elevation.
In modern physics transmutation is an ordinary concept, a phenomenon commonly used.
In nuclear reactors for example they occur normally, and through special devices it is possible create new material that does not exist in nature.
Some of transmutation that occur in nature are well note, like for example the carbon decay is used normally for dating organic substance age.
According classical physic it is not possible to obtain transmutation quickly or without a lot of energy, but not all researcher however think this way.
The first one that has had some doubt about the relationship transmutations- energy was Kevran, a French scholar that disclosure (working very hard) the biological transmutation concept .
Biological transmutation according to Kevran’s theory is a transmutation that occurs normally in living organisms (in real time) without the use of any special amount of energy.
Kevran did experiments on the transmutation of potassium in calcium and in particular, he collected information’s and showed evidences about anomalies in bird’s eggshells creations.
In birds case the anomaly was determined by the fact that the egg shell contained more calcium that the one introduced through feeding.
Kevran experiments showed that birds enclosed in a controlled environment , despite been nourished with food lacking calcium, were able to produce eggs (with shell)
Obviously the food was a special one containing substances such as aluminum silicates and potassium silicates.
Potassium (tartaro) has a great importance in chemistry and can be extracting very easily as carbonate from plants ashes, so it is possible that walnut tree and his flowers can be particularly indicate for this purpose. The creation of silicate is very easy, as you only need to combine ashes with sand and put the mixture in a high temperature oven.
In summary:
– Aesop tell us that since long time is acknowledge that shell can be made of gold
– Kevran discovered that birds are able to make biological transmutation
– Tesla was maniac for number 3, and he is not the only one as for example Dante became psychopath for nr. 3
– Tesla loved pigeons and when he dies his favorite pigeon emitted light (it probably became radioactive  )
Is it possible that “nocino” liquor is the real elixir of life?

Riferimenti utili
Http://La noce simbolo dell’uomo e della divinità


How to  sanctify a thermostat…

by Guglielmo M.

fonte :


Mainstream science has deleted his own origins (and all past knowledge) letting us thinking that intelligence, logic and understanding ability were an exclusive right of nowadays scientists.

Herewith, we will prove that electricity was known much earlier than what we believes, and this knowledge was also so deep that it was possible to  create circuits and connection system that are currently being studied or even ignored by our culture.

We will study some images taken from the alchemic “Book of the Holy Trinity” (originally known as  Buch der heiligen Dreifaltigkeit), but similar pictures can be found in all the old world cultures.

The “Book of the Holy Trinity”  Author’s  through some pictures present in his works, is  showing  us how he knows very deeply electricity.

Here below a link with all the images concerning of an edition of  “Book of the Holy Trinity”:

As a further evidence  that the knowledge  about electricity comes from far past, we add here  below some Sumeric pictures that show  birds (dragon) flower (lamps) wings etc   It is easy to see graphic and logic similarity that will be longer  described here following.



and again some similar symbol taken from a very remote  Equadorian  culture, taken from Crespi collection:


let’s begin the analisys of the “book of the Holy Trinity”  pictures, starting from this picture:


On the sides you can see two trees with flowers; these flowers are obviously the bulbs. What is giving us the assurance that the flowers are bulbs? It simply by  the way the flowers are colored in order to describe their purpose, in fact the left side flowers generate light as the sun, while the bulbs at the right side are  lighting  up the night as the moon.

Author gives us the information that the lighting system consists in two separate groups, and that bulbs of each group are connected together in parallel. This is obvious because each lamp has its own line  connected with the main trunk. A further confirmation  comes from the fact that  last bulb, the upper one, is powered directly from the trunk. It is important to know that it’s a “parallel” system because this clarifies the lack of a metallic conductor that is  replaced from ground.

If the picture was about a “series connection”, circuit could have been connected at any point of the trunk, so it couldn’t specify with certainty the usage of the ground as conductor.

If you use ground as conductor, as we will clarify later, it is important for create a resistive partition that enables a better flexibility on  the circuit.

Here following the lamps parallel connecting diagram:

And the equivalent blueprint:

Reading the blueprint:

The two blocks in the upper part (red and blue) symbolized two elements of a battery like for example copper and coal.

The light blue square symbolized a bathtub containing a liquid solution (voltmeter) or a river or a sea water etc

The two lamps groups series are shown with L1 and L2

The dragon is symbolized using the four resistors (R1 R2 R3 R4) and from two connection to the ground.  There are  two  connections to the ground because the  dragon has  two legs.

Dragon beaks are the two switches S1 and S2.

Resistors (R1 R2 R3 R4) are built in way to produce heat during the  system operation.


In the diagram  the brown bar  represents the “Ground”, for this reason one can ideally assume  that: various cables entering  directly intoground or they are  connected by metal poles or connected using a submerged metal mass so that the ground offers the least possible resistance.


If S1 and S2 are open, the  bulbs L1 and L2 will result connected in series and the light of the two bulbs  will be On (will light up).

If S1 is closed  and S2 open,  will light up only L2.

If S1 is open and S2 is closed, will light up only L1.

If S1 and S2 are both closed  then bulbs L1 and L2 will be Off, but the circuit  will produce  heat inside the dragon trough R1 and R4, evidently R1 has less resistance comparing to the sum of  L1 and R2+R3. The same resistance computation is  valid  also for L2 group. As the dragon feet, that are  in contact with ground, are mobile, it is possible to  modify their distance  so to obtain a resistance value suitable to improve the  performances.


The two resistances (R2+R3) are used to create the parallel with ground resistance.

If we imagine that R2 and R3 are placed inside (in the belly) the dragon it is easy to understand  that the alchemist would like to inform us that he didn’t knew only  the use electricity for lighting but also for other purposes such as the generation of heat used to cook or melt metals.

From this  consideration it is clear that if dragon will have  had  only one leg, circuit will have been less flexible and It will have not worked correctly.

Summarizing, in the upper part (inside the dragon) the resistances were producing heat  for heating etc., while  the two legs connected to the ground, beside being an ideal rheostat, it give us the idea that the feet of the dragon where used for  electro-deposition techniques or metal’s melting  that were happening directly on the dragon’s feet or  on metals, connected to the same feet.

Please note also  that the whole circuit (that looks complicate) it is designed so to stay always connected, in other word  it has always a working side, for example inside the lamps there is always electrical circulation regardless  the fact that they looks turn on. We will explain our hypotesis  about the reason for this connection method  here following.

Here following  a picture from an other  alchemic book  where  it’s clear the heat production.


in the following picture, from an other alchemical work it is in shown  a likely  electrodeposition


The hypothesis expressed above can also be found in a Japanese picture (here below)  from Taoist alchemy where the houses (buildings) are representing several possible processes.  It is interesting to see   the usage of a switch that we have highlighted with the  “C” letter,  that is probably driven by a thermostat very similar to  the one that will be described later.
More information on this can be found here:

Chart of the Body


In the manuscript of our alchemist there is another image that confirms  our electrical circuit, hits connection and what we have stated before as it shows the real spatial disposition of different objects.

King’s feet are representing the feeding terminals that in our scheme has been simplified with a  pile, but in reality, as we will  explain later it is about   an impulsive  tension generated  from a transformer.


The greateness of  “book of the Holy Trinity”’ author’s and of  many other  past scholars is amazing us as  they evidently knew information not yet  understood in our time. They were aware about technological solutions and knowledge of  concepts that are fundamental for science.

In this alchemistic scheme there are two bulbs groups;  from a first glance we  can think that two group of  lamps  are too much  as one only group will have been  enough to explain the principle.

But the point is that  the alchemist is intended  a battery in a different way than our  usual  knowledge, in fact he intend a special type with  three polarities one, this consideration is evident also in the  picture  of the Japanese alchemist showed here above.

In fact the  three pole pile   has different proprieties and the main one is a self-recharging, in other words this pile is able to charge itself, while generating the operating current;  the Three polarities system is valid and usable not only for batteries  but also for  accumulators and electrochemical capacitors.

There are different possible configurations of a three polarities pile and we chose the one that are drawn in our  scheme  “equivalent” and this because recently, thanks to an accidental discovery, the   configuration has been verified and tested in  practice by several researchers.

The inventor of this circuit configuration has named the effect: “Captret”

In the alchemist project the third pole is not visible as its existence must be inferred by deduction; the deduction is conceivable from two things:

  1.  the fact that  it was not necessary to use two groups of lamps to describe what he wanted to explain:
  2.  the name of the book that contain the (not casual) word “trinity” that means “made from three items that are working together”.

With a  tri-pole system configuration, when the two groups of lamps are working alternately, the section of the stack that at the moment is not activated, it is  recharging automatically

In this document we will not analyzing the Captret effect but  it is possible to find a lot of material inside the web; you can start by watching this movie:

Captret test Movie

And in the forum of the  below link you can find  scheme, test and applications

In summary, Captred is an ordinary electrolytic capacitor equipped with a metal container,  the container is used as a terminal and thus we get  three terminals, the first two are the usual “positive” and “negative” and the third is the zero (container) .
to be able to use the capacitor with the effect  Captret it is necessary prior to polarize it by applying  for a certain time  a voltage between a terminal and the container, or it is also possible to polarize  both  terminals one after the other .

Here below a typical scheme Captret


Here below a link on how to do it, building and usage.

Here below Captret in work

Capacitor recharge with  Captret Movie

Attention do not  do electrochemical experiment if you do not own the needed experience, we remind that  capacitor and accumulators or batteries can easily explode.

Captret example have been proposed only to give an idea of tripolar system potential, but our alchemist was referring to something else which is not yet known to our technology.
Therefore through the alchemist we discovered the existence of an innovative electrochemical process and  the usage of a ground system to simplify and stabilized the circuit and to normalized potentials.

To continue however, we must justify the winged king who reigns in the figure.

We observe, that in the middle at the top of the wings has been drawn a star.


The star, famously, is a flickering and bright light that we can imagine to be the equivalent of an electric spark.

Being the spark usually caused  by  contact between  two conductors ,  it can be deduced that the wings of the King must be mobile, and for some mechanism they join and separate continuously.

Observing King we see that he consist of two parts intimately united (one male and one female) and that each part has different colors and such to be interpreted as metals.

The color that now appear black is a silver compound that was in the origin with a color shiny and bright .

The combination of two  different and suitable metal strongly connected in many points create a bimetallic couple that can be used to make a  thermal  oscillator .

if our hypothesis is correct  the winged King is in reality a measuring system that shall indicates the battery charge level, therefore it will be possible to evaluate the charge by measuring the intermittent cycle frequency or from the kind of sound emitted (higher or lower).

This measuring way is  important because  if you consider only the voltage value on the batteries or on the electrical accumulators  is not enough to evaluate the real charge status.
The alchimist is giving us two further information that will help us to understand the internal mechanism of this device, and those information will help us to verify our hypotesis.

Hints are the two objects that king is holding on hand : a spiral at left and a cup with snakes at right.


In fact there are two way to built a thermostat  to get the best advantage from  the dilatation of a bimetallic couple: a linear way and a spiral way

Here following three examples, even if  of course  in the alchimist project, operating heat is generated from electric power.

spiral Thermostat Movie
linear expansion Movie
bimetallic engine  Movie

In ancient time bimetallic couples were well known and  used  for several purpose such as  measuring instrument  toys or pastime.

In the images below you can see on the left a simple rotor toy and  on the right a power switch.

The rotor toy works with  different dilatation of two different  flowers, arranged in each stick, while on the right,  the power switch is symbolically represented by the head of the central figure, that is also holding in his hands the supply wires.


To see more pictures you can click on the below link, that points to a large gallery of alchemical drawings.

In the slow motion animation you can see how it looks like a bimetallic thermostat (winged king) when it is operated.

From this contact movement you can understand the reason why the king is  usually represented with  butterfly wings, the switching speed  and/or the sound  emitted is in  fact similar to movement of this insect wing’s.


Graphic symbols and designs shown by alchemist are his way to describe accurately both  how this device it   was built and  how it work, but of course in reality the true appearance of the device could be different.

As we said, it is possible to find many pictures in all ancient cultures that are showing the sames concepts  just explained: a star associated with a couple of contacts used to  simply interrupt the circuit (for measure) or as disconnecting potency switch.

Here below a celtic picture that  is visible in the  Italian Cistercian Abbay of   Santa Maria di Chiaravalle  in Fiastra (Macerata)


Here following a bas-relief  from Cnosso (1500 ac). In this  picture the contact is made by  pushing  alternative with one hand and then the other one, with a tilting movement using the head as a fulcrum.


In the  “book of Holy trinity” we find a second  similar device. This is again an action mechanism (thermostat) but it  has a different employing, in fact the other one was a measuring system  while this  one is a intermittent power  switch.

Here the picture that shows this  second device:


This thermal switch   is positive working   in the circuit, in way that the thermal dilatation put in contact the two dragon heads,  doing this it is closing   the primary circuit of the connected transformer .

The author has drawn the wings so this action is clear and  undoubtable.

The green wing  push the left dragon head  against the right head, the blue wing  instead it is separate from the power circuit, because it as the  soley purpose  of measure, that as we have  explained is the  cycle of frequency interruption.


The dragon is also  insulated electrically from the measuring system  (see the skin that has uniform color) and thermostat take his operating supply from two sockets that correspond to the king’s feet.

The power supply instead is taken from the dragon’s feet resting on the ground.

The alchemist is informing us about the  employed tension value in the circuit and he is suggesting us to protect some areas isolating them thoroughly.

You shall note that in the picture there are 5 crowns, a crown is on the head of the king, two are very  evident, because they are placed on a sword and the other one is on the left hand of the King, while the remaining two are half  hidden behind the foot.


Crowns is the symbolical representation  of the electric arc that if triggered can be very dangerous both for people and for the facility.

Even nowadays, this effect is symbolized  by a “crown” and also to the present days it has the same name “corona discharge”

Herewith an example and a link for more information


We wish to point out that the crowns placed at the feet are drawn in a different color, with this information the alchemist is telling us that  he was aware of the fact that the  “corona” effect can take two different forms, one negative and one positive.

In this link you will find many images of two types of crowns.

in summary:

The voltage is certainly greater than 15 Kv and the points that shall be protected with an accurate isolation are therefore five :

1)    The head, to protects the bimetal which is the conducting body of the thermostat.

2)    Sword represent the power switch the most  dangerous point

3)    The two feet  are the power source of the thermostat

4)    Left hand is the vibrating element to get the frequency measurements.


Let’s  continue with the description of the electric system,  symbolized  through the images  of our alchemical text, reminding  that there is an intermittent switch (thermostat)  placed in series in the power feeding of a winding, that carries out the important function of allowing the use of magnetic  circuit properties, in other words a continuous current when it is impulsive has the same  functionality of an alternating electric  current.

Here below a generic  functional   blueprint, that it is not  completelly equivalent with the alchemist one.


In this scheme  the thermostat action  as a switch that cyclically open and closes, and it has been represented with a red arrow and the  initials “TC”.

In the alchemist scheme   the thermostat is designed to act in an indirect way, in other words the heating effect is  create by an external  resistor (that is  powered separately through  king’s feet) that heats and creates consequently a mechanical action of opening and closing.

This circuit configuration is  necessary to separate main power circuit , so that the cycle frequency will result as much as possible constant, and will depend only  marginally from the load.


In the above diagram the heating element (RC) and the power supply circuit are shown in red.

The thermostat works in very simply way but it is not intuitive.

1) At the beginning TC is open and in the resistance RC there is circulation of a DC current coming from the battery.

2) Resistance RC heat bimetal and when it  reach its temperature, it shut down the power supply.

3) When the power switch is closed,  DC current circulate throughout circuit, but since the resistance of RC is greater than the one  of the winding, temperature of RC decreases and bimetal consequently open contact, and evidently the cycle repeats.

The information to build the mechanism  it is  described in the image from a sword which is insert in a red crown and from king’s feet that are connected in an intermediate socket of the trasformer (dragon) .

Sword represents the switch power while  red crown is the heathing resistance that is driving the cycle.


Dragon is also suggesting how to  build the winding of the transformer.

We have to start in observing  the dual mirrored symmetry of four heads of dragon.


This picture indicate that transformer has two different  winding;   each winding has been  wound with a two wire system  (ears) and with opposite winding direction, finally from the picture we can see a four sockets (mouths) from which it is possible to take “high voltage”.

Dragon’s legs are the input DC current (+-) coming from a battery or an electrochemical system.

The alchemist is proposing us an amazing  picture, that shows us not only the knowledge of electromagnetism in classic form, but also the knowledge of self-induction phenomena generated without the use of a ferromagnetic core.

In reality the  few images of this work  are the graphic representation of all  that we know today about electrical  technology and  there are  also other information that we are not yet able to figure out.

The possible configuration of this system are really a lot, we have described only the likely configuration (the dragon is powered from feet in CC) but we shall stop here our  speculation as we do not want to go over and write a  compendium of electricity-fiction.

However to complete our hypothesis, we wish to remind that Tesla was the first to experiment  air coils  (Tesla coil)  that in the alchemist picture correspond to supply  one of the dragon’s winding, and use as output the other that is winding in the opposite direction.  More information here :

Here below an other equivalent scheme:


You can find more information about the windings  counter-inductive technique read about Leedskalnin:

From an other alchemic test we report the picture of a transformer similar to the one just described, even in this case the two section, primary and secondary are separate and electrically isolated.


With a transformer that has these features it will be possible to experiment  high impulse voltage  and with which it will do verification on many device such as generators, engine, to recharge batteries etc …

For systems working with multiple masses (like the legs of the dragon in the ground) that can be use as generator we suggest to read Kapanaze.

For the configuration “battery charger” we suggest to read  about Tesla Switch Switch.pdf


  • Mercury is extremely suitable to crate thermostats that can be started by heat.
  • It is interesting to see how the symbol for thermostat has evolved in years to became finally Saint, you can search  the words “double head Eagle” see a result here :

The Mirror


Our senses, and our relative point of view, deceive us continuously and make us equivocate things . As human beings, we are endowed with a material body made of flesh and organs, which binds us to unavoidable points of reference. We are completely surrounded from this condition that limits our dimensions, and we are obliged to adapt our life experience at this particular side of reality.
To go further we have to overcome these physical limitations. It takes huge imagination to think about this possibility and about the consequence, as it means for us to lose our comfortable habit. We are obliged to use our creative thinking because we find ourselves in an unknown environment.
It is normal for us to assume that matter is the basis of existence and that matter is the only thing that really counts. Since when we start our journey in human life, is the first thing that we take it for granted.
The man since dawn of history tried to animate matter, giving it souls to things, with purpose to make it come alive and meaningful, Energy has always been considered as a result of matter’s actions.
Men’s thinking’s is always originated from matter, and from this fixed point they are trying to make sense of all the rest.
The paradigm shift is to reverse the order of things. We have to think that matter is a result of something that is upstream, a reflection, almost a waste material from world of energy and spirit. It is like if we were looking in a mirror our own image reflected and we were convinced that the real us was the mirror image. The truth is that if there is no subject that putting himself in front of the mirror, the mirror will remain empty, and this is what happens also to matter. Without the breath of spirit that is projecting him in the mirror … there’s nothing…
Imagine that you are comfortably sat to watch a movie. The movie is so beautiful, vivid and realistic that you identify yourselves in what is going on the screen. You are so much mesmerized to forget who you are and you no longer think about yourselves. You become untied with what is happening on the screen. And when our hero suffer we suffer with him and when he enjoy we you enjoy with him. There’s nothing else that count, the only reality is your screen. At this point you cannot longer think that it is just a movie because you are part of that, and it makes you ill … and it makes you well…. It’s not just a fantasy, it is your reality.

An external observer that will look at the scene will see you as a puppet entranced, staring into the nothing, suffering and enjoying for the change of colored light.
Our reality, so concrete, is only the projection of an external will. Matter does not have spirit in himself; matter is the projection of the spirit, in its lower transposition.
Human consciousness is so much involved in the material reality that she fall in love with it.
The human being become prisoner of this infatuation and he is finding himself “forced” to play his game. Depending on his abilities and experience, he will try to control the game or he will undergoes the game, he will act or he will suffer, but most important he will continue trying to differentiate him selves and finding a reason for his existence.
The real games, however are at a higher level; humans are the only passives subject that undergo the conditioning of this reality. They undergo the consequences and effects of will casted at a different spiritual level. In this situation, the right “free will” is a chimera. The real “free will” is performed when we decide not longer playing the games than others had decide for us, when embrace the warrior philosophy, when we stop judging and let us judge, when we remove the tentacles that hang us and confuse us, when we become stainless warriors .
If we consider matter as the effect and not the cause, we will see us and our world in a different way. We consider ourselves, our conscience, as the result of a thought generated by our physical brain, and we confuse the idea of ourselves, with our physical means. Our true essence is rather the expression of an external will, a spirit that is related with our physical body only empathically. On the other hand the connection is sealed from physical pain and pleasurable sensations that connect the experience felt with our physical body. Our real essence is staring at the finger of our physical world and does not sees the moon in its grandeur.
Even if we know those information, nothing changes for us in our life. We are and remain inseparably connected with our physical body, we are responsible and we must continue to look after it carefully, while we look for our path of inner search. Our goal must be to stop staring at the mirror image, and finally “rolling over” to see who is truly the being reflecting himself.
We must be aware that expanding our horizons, we will change our evaluation and importance of things.
For example, some events, that for us, little ants, can looks like a terrible disaster as it causes suffering for millions of people, or what may seems like a wonderful realization that bring social benefits and wellness to millions of individuals, at the end, can be see only a game for other spiritual levels. Suffering and joy are part of an unknowing purpose that we could not understand nor share, from our limited point of view.
What seems right and what seems wrong at human point of view, have instead much higher goals, and are the expression of creativity, the maintenance of diversification and the fight against the balance that tends to leveling and cancel diversity.
the good can not exist without evil, and evil can not exist without good. Both are two sides of the same coin, and to continue the creation opera, and to escape from nothing, we need light, and light to exist needs darkness.
Our quest for freedom that brings us to know our true self, can be found following different ways, and in fact they have all equal dignity because they all serve the purpose of keeping the creative spirit alive.
I think as Don Juan that for me the only path that I can follow  is the one “with heart”