E-Cat Qx – A Paradigm change!

by Camillo



The fool  with a “copy & paste” culture, he defends his ignorance, sheltering under mother-Science  protector wings. He pretends to be what he is not; he has not aknowledge,  he does not know deeply what he reads, He just repeat  what he has heard from others in order to appear wise and saccent. The fool likes officiality, for him   speakers’ fame  is more important than what speaker is actually saing.

Physics teaching is very much about rigor, reproducibility and verification.

The fool who wants to appear clings to this rigorous attitude,  he want to be became  “don chiscotte”  of science.

Once I read: “A Physicist can not tell a theory if he cannot prove it. In that case it should stay shut up! ”

What a stupidity!  Those persons would like that  scientist  do research in great secret, and they can speak about it, only after having strictly verified. Only when they are certain to  provee it they might reveal to others what they have experienced!

Are we joking! Exposing theories, making personal checks, before being able to demonstrate something, is very common.  Research to be creative and innovative goes through stages of continuous uncertainty,  demonstrations, hypotheses of all kinds. It is really different to  give a discovery to the world,  or just  saying  “I saw this phenomenon, it is not 100% repeatable but I’m sure it happened.”

A researcher who find  into an odd phenomenon, evaluates it, and  if he realize that he has consistency,  he assumes the responsibility to be wrong and courageously  divulge it (it is an act of humility other than arrogance!). He  says so even if it is not repeatable, he risk, he  puts himself into play, simply admitting that he is not able to repeat it, but indicates what   he has seen;  at that point, other researchers will assume the responsibility to repeat it, knowing that there is no certainty. This mode of operation is normal in frontier research, and without this  we would not have reached our  technology  level  and  our aknowledge.

Let’s give an example:

Piantelli is a great electrochemical, (colleagues told me that it is a exceptional mind), one day while he was testing electrolysis with nickel electrodes he sees an abnormal heat production. He was atonished ad curious about, so he started to check carefully what was happening, eventually he realized that the phenomenon was sure (for him)
but unpredictable and therefore it was not provable.

Should he not divulged the information because it could not prove the effect with repeatability? No! Piantelli decided to divulge it, sayd that he was certain and warns colleagues to pay attention to that phenomenon.

Piantelli decided to deepen and with Focardi made experiments that paved the way for others such as the Japanese Arata and eventually Rossi.



Rossi began a research path with Prof. Focardi, that brought uncertain  results, but in higher orders of magnitude compare Piantelli.  The power went from  few dozen watts to kiloWatts.

Rossi seemed to possess a hidden factor that widened the phenomenon.

He called it  E-Cat phenomenon with clear intent to lead people  to  believe that there was a mysterious catalyst. In some demonstrations, it started to appear a mysterious electrical power generator, which remained lit even when system  was self-sustaining.

Some reflections led me  think of Tesla impulse.

When Rossi passed from the E-Cat to the Hot-Cat at higher temperatures, strange inconsistencies emerged, the calculation of  internal heating resistance, gave a resistance value that was adequate to receive a much higher power supply of 6000W. The Hot-Cat shown, however, operated at a much lower power, max 900W; … why?

So the internal resistance was much lower than necessary, ..  plus the ohms are lower, and better are results of Tesla impulse.

When I had the opportunity to measure the first version of E-Cat, in addition to the strange phenomena, I could not understand why the ignition was made with alternating pulse trains with rest periods with a very strange shutdown and ignition.

Everything led to the conclusion that the catalyst had nothing to do with it, the secret was the impulses. Rossi’s smart acting,  had diverted everyone’s attention to the wrong place. This was his way of protecting himself against possible theft of the intellectual property of the invention.

I started investigating on Rossi and I found that he  was very interested in Tesla.

Until then, all the lenr and cold fusion theories were based on  chemical aspects, researchers  thought that it was necessary to introduce into the lattice more Nickel  protons.

But above 600 ° the lattice begins to lose stiffness, not to mention  temperatures of 1200 °; all the theories based on lattice saturation  with  protons  forced to enter the cells at this point was not longer acceptable.

Experts in chemistry and nuclear phisic who had already twisted their nose with adsorption theories, rightly closed the case considering all as a  scam, and  in a way they were right.

It was evident at that point that: o Rossi was cheating  or there was a new class of LENR phenomena related to “cold fusion”.

But how was it possible? It was easyer to get rid considering it  as a fake, on the other hand  the tests carried out by Rossi often showed some deficiencies that were  often over exaggerated from detractors.

For example, in a test that in my opinion was conducted in decent way, just for a bad positioned valve or sensor, the whole experiment was disqualified, even if, at the end, that setting mistake was real and brought a little difference in the output data,  it did not had great influence   in performance and  consequences of defect did not have a big weight in the general calculation. At the end the negationist preferred to “throw  born-child and dirty water”.

Finally trials made in Lugano by third parties, were not taken in consideration, because third parties were supposed Rossi’s friends. But then with this system you can always say that something can not be verified, this method of discrediting is absolutely non-scientific, and in this case also damaging for credibility of   verifiers. They are accused of being sold cheaters without a bit of evidence; this is done by people who demand rigorous verification. Accusing without checking … what  inconsistency! The ordinary man could not make-up his own idea, and at some point, exasperated by the lack of practical accomplishments ceases to trust and joins the chorus of the skeptics.

Despite this negative background, a courageous and pragmatic industrialist, seeing that the thing was actually working,  he made a contract with Rossi to receive the supply for a year of 1 MW of heat power. An industrial investor of millions of dollars can not do it lightly..he does controls using high-level engineers; if he risked it is because he had valid proof.

The full year of operation of 1 MW plant was recorded day by day and were published but were ignored because provided by the parties involved. Detractors liquidate what they were not able to invalidate with evidence, simply saying that it was not possible to  trust the data provided by people  involved. The refrain of “involved parties” has never been used so much.

It is true that this contract ended bad and Rossi has had legal issues. In fact, the buyer at the end refused to pay  Rossi for the money agreed  in the contract. In court the client did not contest the data provided by the report, but denied that the plant  had sufficient industry requirements”.

The 1MW generator prototype provided by Leonardo  company  owned by  Rossi needed continually unforeseen and unpredictable adjustments. Eventually, the dispute closed with a plea (I believe a tens of millions of dollars) in  Rossi’s favour, and with Patent ownership remained  in Rossi  hands. If the buyer had been sure that generator had not been able to provide adequate heat output (it was requested at least a 6 COPs as a contract), he would have preferred to continue the process without paying, and even claiming damages to Leonardo.

We have to aknowledge to skeptical  people  had some points in argueing that from a physical point of view the phenomenon does not square. The nuclear and chemical scientists have also immediately pointed out any imprecision and  mistakes made in the public demos and have emphasized this.

For example, at a certain point, Rossi proposed LENR phenomena at such high temperatures, for which the reagent material was necessarily in a melting state (and not in the crystalline state), a condition comparable to a plasma form.

It was already difficult to accept the theory of  adsorption phenomenon in the nickel lattice, which compared to the orthodox physics was out of the question, but in this case there was not longer lattice … How silly! I think that even Piantelli didn’t beleived that there was cold fusion from adsorbation in E-Cat over 600° . So the critical attitude of the detractors had a more valid reason, lacking entirely of a justifiable theory.


“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

Sherlock Holmes (A.C. Doyle)

We start here with the hypothesis that the LERN phenomenon exists and that the Stockholm demonstration is valid.

How can we explain this new physical effect? If this will be confirmed, the theorists will try to find mathematical formulations, with high maths incomprehensible to the most, to support the veracity of the effect. But it will be a posthumous demonstration perhaps made by the same ex-detractors converted.

At this point I would like to propose a simplified explanation that is easy to understand even to those who do not digest math. Orthodox physicist and “scientist”,  well rooted in reality, would do well not appreciate the following, so they better avoid the reading so they can continue to sleep quietly.

Imagine that here is starting a science fiction novel by Asimov …

I will call “Plasma LENR” what is happening within the E-Cat Qx

In physics and chemistry, plasma is a ionized gas consisting of a set of electrons and ions and globally neutral (whose total electric charge is zero). Plasma is considered to be the fourth state of matter, so matter exists in the state: solid, liquid, aeriform and plasmatic.

The fourth state of matter is the most widespread in the universe and it is at very high temperatures, the stars have the matter that is in that state.

Let’s consider the various types of ways in which the LENRs appear to be happening

1 ° For electrolysis: Hydrogen or deuterium gas is adsorbed into a suitable metal using Fleischmann’s electrolysis


2° Gas adsorbation as Piantelli and Arata


3° now we have to add newcomer “Plasma LENR” from Rossi


The theory of adsorption in crystal lattice already controversial itself can not be a valid explanation in ambient with temperatures above 600 ° C in plasma states (because the lattice no longer there).

Let us now give an explanation by exploiting the ancient knowledge of alchemy in a nnew revisitation key.


Alchemy has basic principles that are synthesized with phrases or allegorical images:

The universe is mental
Everything vibrates
Everything is done with opposites
The universe maintains the equilibrium so that the summation is always = 0

In alchemy to explain the concept of “mental universe” we used the comparison with the dream, today we prefer the example of virtual reality (Matrix) and computer.

It should be pointed out that the allegorical illustration of the computer is very challenging, but it is always and only, a model.

Actually, what exists is just a modulated carrier wave that is the very universe we know. The universe of billions of galaxies is a carrier wave that supports various types of modulation. Each modulation creates an object. Each object has its own frequency and intensity.


Unlike what we are accustomed to perceiving, in alchemy, reality is something fluid. Therefore, alchemists believe that they can transmutate elements from one to another.

Personally I also saw complex objects transmuting into my hand.

According to this science, to transmutate one element into another, a “right frequency” must be realized, which is the very essence of the element. Alchemists say that it is necessary to “feel” the essence of the element; it is a wider perception than the five senses with which we are accustomed to describing the sensations. During the transmutation, the alchemist “perceives” the modulation on the carrier wave that creates the object, resonates with it, then superimposes the new modulation relative to the element it wants to obtain. He has to do some sort of imprinting on the modulation of the carrier wave, a true “modulation-creation” work. Therefore, to get the transmutation he must be a skilled receiver and transmitter. Great really?

But that is not so simple, because in general we are not used to perceiving the modulation of elements, we are used to stopping at the name and description of the object and we do not penetrate the essence. To carry out a transmutation, the alchemist must possess a sort of high-minded will and mental determination that corresponds in the physical world to “energy” (energy is meant in the broad sense).

When a man succeeds in changing one thing in another is called “activator”, alchemy is said to have achieved the “great work”.

Generally, the adepts are dedicated to obtaining gold from other elements. To achieve this goal they have to undergo a hard work on themselves. Some of the points on which to focus are: raising awareness, adopting an impeccable attitude, strengthening their willpower; they must then work on internal aspects such as the erasure of traumas, unnecessary desires, in short, inner cleansing, other elements are the surrender, the attainment of a state of inner silence that is said to “stop the internal dialogue”.

These concepts are not common to our scientific way of thinking. Personally I find myself in a position NOT to agree with the very great totality of people. Only among alchemists, or shamans or other esoteric schools, I find myself.

I have personally verified the possibility that a human being with “energy surplus” can modify matter with his will, transmitting complex objects into others.

This is similar to the work of a skilled programmer, who can edit an object on the screen, using his ability to know the computer language. He can find the file expressed by a binary numeric string and reprogram the file.

Alchemical Model:

As mentioned, in Alchemy the known universe has a bearing wave as a basis, and material elements are like modulation segments. If a carrier wave was seen as an infinite line, then every chemical element would be equivalent to a particular deformation of the straight line.


The bearing wave is an infinite line, with every deformation it corresponds to a chemical element or an object.

It is possible to create modulation by operating on many dimensions. Each universe has a certain number of dimensions, which differ in quality and quantity from one universe to another. So every universe has its waves brought with its peculiarities.

This modulation was explained in ancient times by taking the sound as an example, so it was said that there was a particular sound for each object, and the sound and the object were the same thing, today the electromagnetic wave is the best known example.


For example, we can think of hydrogen coupled with the sound obtained by pronouncing the “i” vocal, while the aluminum is matched to the “a” vowel, nickel to the vocal “or”, and so on.

Suppose we have a mixture of various materials that are subjected to a very high voltage for a very short time (commonly called “Tesla impulse”). The impulse creates a shake on all the bearing wave, a sort of very short earthquake that oscillates the objects present. The wavering wave always tends to balance, so after the jumble the system needs some time to find a new balance, so it must be left quiet and not be subjected to other impulses.

Let’s now imagine introducing a wave train with a special sound that could be, for example, between “a” and “o”. It could also act like a catalyst that favors transmutation to sound “a” or “o” using a “resonance” effect that drags the wave trying to find a new equilibrium in a specific direction.


The Tesla impulse will create a destabilization that will need to be compensated and the concomitant “sound” wave train will create the shortest path to restore balance.

We can use appropriate wave trains that in the moment of disequilibrium can push the stabilization of elements that are “becoming” in a specific direction.

Suppose that a mixture contains 30% nickel and 70% aluminum, which are subjected to a Tesla impulse; if the catalytic wave train pushes into Nickel-like sound modulation, we could eventually have 31% Nickel and 69% Aluminum together with a possible residual energy deficit.

This deficit is due to the fact that the variation is unlikely. It is easier that there is a surplus energy to dispose of in the form of heat, light, electricity, sound …

In order to obtain the best result, the operator must experimentally experiment on various mixtures until they find the one with the appropriate elements that accomplish the intended purpose.

For each blend there is a waveform that achieves maximum yield (we want, for example, produces the maximum heat.)

If we want, we can look for the wave train that produces the best light. There is no limit to the testing of mixes and wave trains. It all depends on what you want to get.

The variation is on the catalytic wave train (imprint), while the Tesla impulse is constant, it must be narrow and intense.


There are some videos of the Stockolm test in which you can clearly see the Tesla pulse that is visible as a luminous flare that occurs periodically at intervals of about 8 sec in a reactor contact point . The impulse is accompanied by a sound that reminds us of a piezoelectric discharge (similar to the one that what we commonly use to turn on gas). In this photo you can see the detail illuminated by a greenish light.

Impulso di potenza

The complete movie is visible here.

The video shows that the power pulse (Tesla pulse) is followed by a period (4 sec) of wave train, then there is an equally long period of quiet and then it start again with a new power pulse.

sequenza pilotaggio

It is important to understand that the jolt caused by the impulse does not transmute the element in itself. In fact, the basic elements are absolutely stable and immutable in the temperature and pressure conditions in which they are located. To understand what happens, it is necessary to take a leap of perspective. It must be understood that the object is not real in itself, but it exists in its essence as an organizational matrix upstream (superstringa).

The element consists of a matrix, similar to a file that governs it and distinguishes it as a kind of DNA.

Once we begin to enter this strange logic we can add variants with new understandings.

It should be understood that when the elements are “dimmed” in their concreteness, under the combined action of Tesla impulse and catalytic wave train, they are found in the presence of many other wave trains that can in turn influence the rebalancing. In fact, in principle all objects in the vicinity are present in variable measure as a disturbing catalytic wave.

In particular, one must realize that there is a very important catalytic wave that is consciously or unconsciously generated by humans through their intentionality and energy. In particular from those beings endowed with energetic surplus and acute sensitivity that can act as voluntary or involuntary “activators”.

This seems the most amazing thing is the thing I was shown before when I started the alchemical route.

I have seen many times transform my objects in my hand, confirming the phenomenon with photos, scales and anything else.

When the phenomenon happened I had no one near, and the cameras proved that I had no illusory visions, I also used a black and white tape recorder, 75 years or so.

These experiments were not carried out with the support of machinery or other, to operate there was only the will of the activator.

My Master of Alchemy made me satisfy my scientific need for sure verification, so that I understand that reality is not as determined and immutable as I was used to believe. With these experiences I lost the crystallization due to the scientific culture that belonged to me and which continues to belong to me, that I was a physics graduate in Padua at the time.

The experience was very hard, I felt the world collapse on me, I told my Master.

He gave me the job of a life: “understand and find the way to intelligently give information.”

It seems like a fairytale, right? It sounds like a raving, the imagination of a dreamer! I have a lot of witnesses, but it matters little. It is difficult even to speculate that it is all true, but it is so. I’m sorry for you people out there. I can be sure of what I have personally experienced, but of course I can not be sure about the whole Qx theory. From my point of view, it’s all so well that it seems impossible to me other explanations.

Do not pretend to be believed in the word, it would be anti-science, would open a dangerous slit where charlatans, idealists, selfish magicians etc. would play good. So I understand PERFECTLY if you do not believe me, but I must repeat what I saw with ABSOLUTE certainty. (If some brave want to know more you are on You Tube “Dalla fisica allo sciamanesimo 1 °”)

Returning to the Qx and the Tesla impulse, I wonder how Rossi would create and / or masquerade him.

When flying with very high tensions, there are very few discharges and development of light and heat to be discharged. Perhaps here lies the explanation of the need to cool the Qx piloting apparatus.


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